Wizard Barristers: Too Much Order

wb-cecilAlmost immediately after being introduced to Cecil, we find out she is a genius. Something about going to college at 15 and becoming a barrister at 17, if memory serves me correctly. To top it all off, she one ups a cop trying to search her property, she investigates a crime scene because it is the right thing to do, she promises to help her new defendant, and then she summon this metal monster thing (I’m not going to look up the real name of it), while commenting that its only a mini version of her full potential.

In other words, Cecil is freakin perfect in every possible way. She even has that half Canadian thing about her to make her even more interesting. And thus, I can’t stand her character. So far, the rest of the show is great. I liked the two cops, and even most of the side characters. However, I can’t get over how much I hate Cecil. Now one could say that perfection is nothing new in anime, and I’d agree, but usually the series is of a different nature – more dark-ish. Further, perfection has always been somewhat filtered. For example, Light in Death Note was smart, cunning, etc., etc, but he had no super power. For all practical purposes, he was just a normal high school student to the public. The Death Note only ended up in his possession by mere chance. To that end, I enjoyed the series partly because of the way it ended.

Of course, we don’t know the tone this series is necessarily going to take. Maybe Cecil has some sort of yet unseen disorder or weakness. Maybe, she will die in some just way. Maybe the Barristers are actually evil? Who knows. All I know is that I won’t be able to continue watching if Cecil continues to be the  portrait of perfection.


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