Kyousogiga is Awesome – If you aren’t watching it, you should be.

Kyousogiga-02-7Its been a while since I’ve been sucked into an anime, like I currently am in Kyousogiga. Sure, I am still following the Monogatari series, but I have been far removed from the 2009 high for some time. Angel Beats, Penguindrum, Hyouka, Star Driver and Lupin were all good series, but they couldn’t cover every base needed for them to be great. While some of these shows were animated to perfection, they lacked the memorable action sequences to captivate their audiences. Others could tell a great story, but had a limited appeal. Others still had emotional depth, but were too simplistic to qualify as great.

Kyousogiga has it all. Three episodes in, and everything seems like it is coming together as though it was orchestrated by a great composer, even if we disregard the previous iterations. Three episodes in and we can already see friction between various character groupings, dastardly plots being hatched, and deep mysteries all waiting to be unveiled. Some may say that things are too convoluted, and to those individuals, I would say that you should get a bigger brain. Some may say that episodes shouldn’t focus on one character at a time, as episode 3 supposedly did with the High Priest. First, it didn’t .There was ample characterization and action sequences that complimented the exposition quite nicely. Secondly, even if an episode decided to focus on one character, who gives a shit. Monogatari has four episode arcs based on one character, and they’re able to mix it up. I’d dare say if SHAFT can pull that off, we shouldn’t worry about Kyousogiga.

And even though this series seems to be reaching every substantial niche out there, none of it seems heavy handed. Romance, comedy, action, mystery, sibling rivalry and symbolism are all thrown together, and yet it works. Whenever it seems like the story might dwell for too long in one place with one focus, it expands, even with a whole bunch of crazy mixed in. In fact, mixing in the crazy and still making sense is a task few series can pull off. Obviously, things could still fall apart, but if using the three episode test as a standard barometer is any indication, this may be the best series of the year. Sorry, Kill la Kill, but after that crap in episode 4, I doubt that is a title you’ll be taking anytime soon.

Sorry for the rambling, but if you aren’t watching this series I hope I at least made you think about checking it out.



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