Nine Ways Pacific Rim and Evangelion are Pretty Much the Exact Same Thing

For those of you who haven’t seen Pacific Rim yet, you are a bad person and you should see it now, as this post has spoilers. While the movie is not going to win any awards, it is very well done and could very well serve as a launching pad for movies of a similar ilk, opening the door for more potential anime adaptations. However, given the similarities the movies shares with Evangelion, I doubt we will be seeing Shinji and Asuka grace the silver screen any time soon. Again, the following list of similarities between the two works are full of spoilers, so I caution discretion.

1. Nuclear Suicide: Near the end of Evangelion (the TV series), Rei Ayanami sacrifices her Eva in a nuclear blast to try and save the day. The same thing happens in Pacific Rim’s climactic final battle.

2. Two Different Species Connecting their Minds: In Pacific Rim, the Kaiju are a hive mind, learning from one battle to the next as they try to defeat mankind. In Evangelion, the same thing happens, but the Angels are more proactively trying to enter the pilot’s minds and understand humanity. In Pacific Rim, the mind meld is mistakenly initiated by humans to almost disastrous effect

3. Synch Ratios, Neural Handshake: For pilots to effectively manuever a Jager, a high compatability for a neural handshake is necessary. In Evangelion, a pilot and the Evangelion (Spoiler: Another person) need a high sync ratio to effectively pilot a Eva.

4. Feeling the pain of the robot – In Pacific Rim, a Jaeger loses an arm and the pilot felt an immense amount of pain. Same thing in Evangelion.

5. Blue Blood – Pacific Rim makes it pretty blatant that the Kaiju’s blood is blue, just like the blood pattern of the Angels. As an extra note, the opening sequences show a Kaiju on an aircraft carrier, reminiscent of the fight between Asuka and the Angel atop aircraft carriers and battleships in episode 8 of Evangelion.

6. Bureaucratic Differences – The beginning of Evangelion had Gendo stepping in to save the day after the UN’s initial attempt at intercepting the third angel failed. In Pacific Rim, following the failure of the Wall of Life, a similar scene with

gipsy danger eva ep 7 ronbot7.Robot Design: I’ll grant that this one is a bit of a stretch, but the anti-Eva robot from episode 7 and the design of Gipsy Danger are similar enough to invite a debate.

8. Acid Mouth: Both Evangelion and Pacific Rim had a monster that could spout acid from its mouth. Admittedly, the usage of the acid in Pacific Rim was much better.

9. Kaiju/Eva Research: In both, researchers try to better understand the Kaiju and Evas. In fact, it is a wish of both researchers, in the respective series, to try and obtain a undamaged core, which they both ultimately do.



2 thoughts on “Nine Ways Pacific Rim and Evangelion are Pretty Much the Exact Same Thing

  1. Nice list. I would add part 10 – that the protagonists are the last line of defense between humanity and total annihilation of the dwindling human race, and they’re holding it together with duct tape. Eva is a lot darker about that than Pacific Rim, but the elements were definitely there with the robots showing wear-and-tear as opposed to shiny paint jobs.

    • I could have probably made this list longer, but I didn’t want to get into minutia, or general tone as you expressed.

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