Hunter X Hunter’s Chimera Ant Arc: A Viewer’s Guide


NOTE: There are some general spoilers in this post, but nothing too specific. That said, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

As I did for the York Shin city arc, I thought I would outline some themes for anime viewers to look out for when they watch the show. As I mentioned in my previous Hunter X Hunter post, I believe that it helps to watch a show with a general idea of the themes that will be presented, as it allows the viewer to link what is happening to the themes in a timely manner, thus increasing the viewer’s enjoyment.

In the case of Hunter X Hunter’s Chimera Ant arc, the theme in question is humanity. Of course, like a good season of Mad Men, the theme is not readily apparent until the arc comes to a close. The characters who best embody this thematic arc are the new villains, and our long standing hero, Gon. If you have watched episode 77, you will see that the Chimera Ants are able to pass on human DNA to their offspring after the queen consumes a human. Of course, this absurdity is magnified when the ants eventually consumer a person with nen powers. By the time this happens, you have a species of super powered beings who pose a threat to the very survival of the human race, and thus must be eliminated.

However, that is where the simple questions end. Do these ants who possess human characteristics possess human rights? Are these abominations allowed to love, or have their own personalities? On the flip side, is humanity still able to sit upon its high horse after trying to commit genocide of a sentient species, even if that meant saving humanity in the process. By the end of this arc, a viewer should be able to reflect upon what it means to be human, and at what point do we begin to lose our humanity.


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