The Golden Age of Television and Anime

LOGHWith news that Guillermo Del Toro is going to be adapting Monster for HBO, I think it is worth noting that this might not be the last American television adaptation of an anime series. For a long time, Hollywood has tried to import anime classics over to the states with virtually zero success (Speed Racer and Dragon Ball sucked, and Cowboy Bebop has never gotten off the ground). However, maybe the wrong medium was being used.

Anime, as many who actually watch it know, is at its best when it can tell long tales full of plot twists, interesting characters, and ethical dilemmas. That description, of course, could be given to many shows in this so called “Golden Age of Television” we currently find ourselves in, with shows like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and Mad Men, to name a few. Monster is one anime that can certainly fit this bill. However, the future of anime adapted television shows in America likely depends on the success of Monster. Hollywood, like the NFL, is a copycat league, and if one network makes money off of an idea, than others will surely follow.

Thus, if Monster does succeed, it would seem likely that other networks may be looking at anime to find their next hit series, as movie studios have looked to comic books for their next blockbuster. Imagine, 10 years from now, conversations regarding Monster, the Legend of The Galactic Heroes, and Fullmetal Alchemist could taking place by water coolers across the nation. Right now it seems difficult to imagine, but as nerd culture continues to grow, it is far from impossible.


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