Psycho Pass: Oh, the Poetic Irony of Justice

psychoThus far, Psycho Pass has teased us with what it will become. We’ve only gotten a taste of the main villain, and have instead been treated to his various underlings and pawns. Like a Sith Lord, our villain only seems to have enough patience for one protegee at a time, and it seems as if he is always looking for his next piece of entertainment. Add in the futuristic setting, which parodies our worst fears and greatest hopes about a Utopian future based on today’s world. These things are a constant presence within the show. All that aside, the very format of the show is something that, by itself, parodies our way of life.

While the format of this show isn’t all that revolutionary, in which each villain gets their own arc, only for the main cast of characters to move on to the next bad, Psycho Pass has done something a bit different. The transition between villains, in which they either kill each other or are killed by the big bad, Makishima, is what adds to the overall message of the show, and its commentary. Like many in today’s world, Makishima seems to be constantly changing his interests and shifting his attention. Today, trends, memes, and 24 hour news cycles force people into doing the same thing. Unlike generations in the past, people don’t stay interested in the same thing for more than 6 months at a time. It is always what is the bigger, better, shinier, and newer.

If this series ultimately goes the way many of us expect to go, with the Bureau triumphing over Makishima, and the dissolution of the Sibyl System, then I expect the purpose of the series, given the nature of the villain, will serve as a commentary on today’s society. Though on the surface, this is still the case, the meat of the show is focused on the perils of the future. However, if you are watching this show, I suggest paying more attention to the changing cast of villains and keep this post in mind. Also, keep note of what they are saying. Those monologues that state their motives are pretty meta in the grand scheme of things.


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