The Real Enemy in Black Rock Shooter

That title is a bit misleading. Obviously, Black Gold Saw, AKA the Guidance Counselor from hell, seems to be a pretty messed up character on many levels, but I think everything that could be said about her at this moment likely already has. Instead, I think its interesting to note that every character who exists in the other realm isn’t entirely perfect. Chariot and Dead Master are fairly obvious examples as to how not every character is perfect, with their manipulation and jealously, respectively. However, the show has made multiple references to how Kuroi Mato might not be the heroine we have made her to be.

The first prime example is something that was touched on in the original OVA, but the way the television series has ordered its sequence of events has made Mato seem a bit more selfish. In the original OVA, Mato befriended Yomi prior to befriending Yuu, before ultimately alienating Yomi. In the series, it appears that Mato was already friends with Yuu and already set on joining the basketball club before trying to befriend Yomi, at Kagari’s chagrin. With this reordering of events, it really makes you wonder as to why Mato needed to befriend Yomi, as she seems fairly popular in this incarnation. In fact, Yuu even goes so far as to suggest that Yomi is bit of a project for Mato. Mind you, I don’t disagree with Mato trying to let Yomi live her own life, but to free Yomi only to ignore, even if it isn’t on purpose, isn’t doing anyone any favors. However, sometimes there is such a thing as biting off more than you can chew, letting sleeping dogs lie, avoiding unintended consequences, and the list of cliches could go on. Now me calling Mato a bit selfish is one thing, but it seems like some of the characters in the show also seem to notice it. When Kohata suggests making Mato a semi regular on the basketball team, her two assistants seem hesitant in agreeing with her, citing that Mato isn’t necessarily a team player, which we are led to believe is the case.

So now the million dollar questions: Why does this matter and how does it relate to other realm of Black Rock Shooter? To do this, let’s try and consider what would we be thinking if the only material we had to go on was the Black Rock Shooter portion of the show. If this was the case, wouldn’t we think that Black Rock Shooter is the enemy. Objectively, she has killed one other fighter and then whatever Kohata was supposed* to be. Following that reasoning, why would Black Rock Shooter be trying to kill these fighters. The only real similarity between these two cases was that the character who was killed was depending on the other relevant character in the scene at that point. Examples being that Kagari was relying on Yomi, and Kohata was relying on the Guidance Counselor, albeit in a very strange sort of a way*. It would then stand to reason that perhaps Black Rock Shooter does not like people relying on each other. Bringing this back to the real world, this falls in line with the Mato’s new found way of thinking; that it isn’t better to rely on others and shoulder the pain yourself. So I ask you: Is it possible that Black Rock Shooter isn’t the protagonist, and instead, just one of many sad antagonists in this show?

Now, do I think these theories are what’s really going on in the show? No, I don’t. But, it is something to keep in mind, considering the show is taking on a Madoka-like sort of tone.

*Oh yeah, about that asterisk. It looked like Saya’s, the counselor, apparent counterpart, Black Gold Saw was trying to grow new people in episode 3, one of whom was Kohata who was eventually killed by Black Rock Shooter. You have to wonder if Saya, who seems to know she is Black Gold Saw, is trying to “grow” new fighters in the other realm to use for some, as of now, unidentified purpose by pretending to be a sort of friend to those who are distressed. Though, I suppose, as I note above, Black Rock Shooter may have other desires as to who can be dependent on who.


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