A Lack of Hair Gel?

For those of you who are watching Mouretsu Pirates, you’ve likely realized that this show is moving as fast as tortoise in the middle of the road. That doesn’t mean that the show has been bad. The pacing, while slow, has been extremely efficient, with viewers likely already picking up many nuances of even some of the side characters. It hasn’t hurt that the use of space terminology a la Planetes is well crafted and, yet, understated. Though I could go on blowing smoke up this show’s backside, there is one thing that has kind of irked me about this show, and that is the distinct lack of hair gel.

Marika is truly an interesting character. She has gone four episodes (out of a 26 episode series) debating a choice that will affect the rest of her life, and yet I haven’t really felt too annoyed or grown tired of her character. Even as she has deliberated her decision, she has been relatively proactive with learning about pirate lore and the inner workings of the Odette II. This is in contrast to some other shows where characters have become unbearably annoying while trying to make decisions about their future. Shinji Ikari obviously comes to mind, but TTGL’s young Simon, and even Utena have had this quality. As these examples show, this doesn’t a mean an anime can’t be great, or that these characters can’t eventually fight the power. Still, I feel as though I’ve been a bit had.

Sure, I don’t like Naruto, the character or the series, but you have to wonder if some characters couldn’t help having a little bit of Naruto in them. I’m of the opinion that Marika could add a little hair gel to her early morning regiment, and she’d still be the same character I’ve grown to appreciate; smart, considerate, etc, but a rash decision her and there never really hurt anyone, and it does tend to make a show a bit more exciting.

I’m not saying that this show is not eventually going to get exciting and that Marika won’t eventually become sufficiently bodacious, but you do have to wonder where is the cutoff point between a show building itself up, and becoming a bit too slow.

That all said, I can’t really say why, but there is something else off about this show. It might be the animation, or maybe something else, but this is an anime that could be knocking it out the park, but it just isn’t. Maybe I’ll figure it out later.


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