Nisemonogatari and Great Expectations

In only a few days, Nisemonogatari will begin airing. For some of you, it will be one of your most anticipated shows of the new anime season, as it is mine. However, after looking at the new character designs and the possible shift in tone from the previews that have been provided in the past months, it doesn’t seem like this is your older brother’s Bakemonogatari. With approximately a year and a half since the last episode of Bakemonogatari aired, I think it is worth considering that the new series won’t necessarily meet everyone’s expectations.

Even if Nisemonogatari ends up being exactly the same type of show as its predecessor, could you say with full certainty that you’re the same person? As we know, this type of show isn’t everyone’s cup of tea in the first place. Some people don’t like SHAFT’s art style, and others don’t like the scenes involving long stretches of dialogue. So if for some reason you watch Nisemonogatari and it isn’t as you remembered it, then don’t force yourself to watch it. Find something else.

Or maybe you are the same person you used to be. Maybe change isn’t your thing. If that’s the case, don’t expect this sequel to pander to your passive nature. Just because you haven’t changed, doesn’t mean the show can’t. Perhaps the writers for the show have changed their styles over the past few years, or maybe the original novels covered different themes? We do know that many of the character designs have changed. Will Hitagi still give off that same unique blend of tsundereness with short hair as she did with long? Will Nadeko still have the same quiet, yet coy nature to her while wearing a headband? I doubt it.

Clearly, this sequel won’t be the same as the original, and I doubt that you are the same person. So when the inevitable happens, and some of you complain that the show isn’t as good as the original or it’s too different, I am preemptively asking you to think about the real reasons why.

And don’t say there isn’t as much Hitagi, even if that is the reason.


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